What is This HARO Link Building Strategy?

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is an excellent organic way to get backlinks from reputable sources. Reporters use HARO to source quotes from industry experts for news articles. By responding to relevant queries as a source, you can get published on high-authority sites which will link back to you


Reporters ask for quotes from industry experts


You respond to relevant queries as a source


You get links when the response gets published


Your website authority & search visibility get a boost

How It Works



When you choose your package according to the number of links you want, we assign a dedicated account manager for your HARO campaign to guide you every step of the way. We will get your HARO account up and running in no time



Our team starts going through HARO requests every day to find the queries that match your niche. Then our expert writers craft well-informed, insightful quotes on your behalf, positioning you as an industry thought leader.

Ongoing Effort

Ongoing Effort

As HARO links get time to build, we keep crafting and sending out high-quality pitches until we have successfully acquired the agreed-upon number of links for your HARO campaign



We will keep you informed every step by a detailed report at the end of each month. It will contain how many pitches we’ve sent and how many got published. Depending on the number of links, it can take 1-3 months.


Why HARO Links Are Valuable?


Hard to Acquire

HARO links are difficult to obtain, making them more valuable. The harder a link is to acquire, the more SEO value it provides.


High Domain Authority

These links come from authoritative sites, often with a domain rating of 50+ or higher. The higher DA passes equity to your site



HARO links provide excellent value compared to buying backlinks, which can cost $500+ each. You get premium links without paying premium prices


Increases Domain Rating

Quality backlinks improve your overall domain authority, helping all your content rank higher over time


Diversifies Link Profile

Adding different link types from diverse sources helps ensure your link profile looks natural. HARO links complement other strategies


What do we promise?


High-Quality Links

We guarantee the placement of authoritative backlinks from reputable publications to boost your site's credibility


Dedicated Account

A seasoned account manager will oversee your campaign for a smooth, personalized experience


Full Transparency

You'll receive detailed monthly reports showing all pitches made and links obtained, so you can track the progress from start to end


We Count Only
DR 50+ Links

We only count links from high DA sites (DR 50+) towards your package goals for maximum impact


Experienced Link
Building Team

Our experts excel at identifying and responding to the best link opportunities for proven results


Full Onboarding Support

We'll handle your HARO setup, profile creation, email integration - everything to get you started strong


What are the Negatives?


Delayed Link Acquisition

It takes 4-8 weeks on average for links to go live after sending out initial pitches. HARO is a long game and works best as an ongoing strategy.


Unpredictable Monthly Link Volume

The number of links obtained each month varies based on HARO query volume and other pitches. The link pace is inconsistent but builds over time.


Some Links are Nofollow

We don't charge for nofollow links. However, they can still provide brand exposure on authoritative sites.

Who Should Consider Using This Strategy?


Examples of HARO Links




Organic Traffic


Find the Right Plan


3 Links



5 Links



10 Links


** We require an initial deposit of $300 to get started. We will deliver the guaranteed number of links or issue a refund for any unobtained links.
** Alternatively, use our HARO pitching service if you want to respond yourself
** $15 per custom-crafted pitch based on relevant HARO queries in your industry.


HARO Best Practices

With so many responses received each day, it’s a challenging task to grab their attention, especially with subpar responses. That’s why, crafting a perfect HARO query is an art. You need to be compelling and provide value while grabbing attention at the same time.
After years of experience, we’ve identified key strategies to get your responses published and earn links:


Respond Quickly

Timing is absolutely critical as journalists receive hundreds or thousands of pitches per query. The earlier your response arrives, the higher the likelihood it gets noticed and seriously considered before they move on.
We have a dedicated rapid response process with a team focused solely on fast HARO outreach. Our monitoring systems instantly alert us to new queries fitting your expertise

Stay Contextually Relevant

Publications only want to feature input from proven experts who fit their specific niche and audience. Responding to queries outside your core competencies reduces your credibility and chances of being selected.
We carefully analyze each HARO query to identify ideal fits aligned with your company’s particular areas of deep expertise and authority and prepare the response accordingly

Be Concise and Provide Value

With inboxes being flooded, journalists prefer short, skimmable, quotable insights they can use to seamlessly inject value into their content. Dense and complex response takes much effort to extract the actual value, and therefore, journalists often ditch those.
Our writers undergo extensive training on providing value and being concise. We understand how to identify key value propositions and supporting points to convey substance

Substantiate Your Expertise

To offer credibility and authority to any featured comments, journalists are required to demonstrate experience and qualifications related to the subject matter. Therefore, responses lacking experience and expertise often get ignored entirely.
We build out full professional bios showcasing your relevant credentials, key achievements, background, and expertise. Including a high-quality headshot also reinforces the personal branding and seriousness of the pitch

Optimize for Success

The goal of HARO link building is to acquire an authoritative backlink that drives traffic and boosts search visibility. If responses don’t include your URL, you miss out on the link equity and growth opportunity.
We ensure every pitch seamlessly incorporates a clickable link to your company’s website where the link is appropriate while maintaining proper formatting, etc


Mistakes to Avoid


HARO link building takes time and substantial effort. Therefore, any rookie mistake means you not only waste that time, but you miss out on that link-building opportunity entirely. Here are some obvious mistakes that you want to avoid:

Low Authority Requests

Many anonymous queries come from low-quality websites not worth pursuing. Your goal is to earn links from authoritative domains, ideally with DR 40+.
Before replying, we carefully vet each query source to ensure it meets our high standards. This systematic process helps us secure links up to DR 96, with our client link average being a strong DR 51 across all industries.

Delayed Responses

Speed is paramount, as journalists receive dozens of replies within the first few hours. Even a 3-hour delay can mean your pitch getting avoided even if it is of better quality than the rest.
We make sure that our team is well trained for rapid response to ensure that your input arrives among the initial batch that often gets prioritized

Not Maintaining Accuracy & Relevance

Simple typos or grammar errors can unnecessarily undermine your credibility. The same goes for responding to queries that misalign with your expertise.
We have dedicated editors who meticulously proofread every HARO response before sending it to journalists, eliminating careless mistakes. And we qualify each opportunity, confirming contextual relevance to the publication’s niche and your specific areas of authority

Frequently Asked Questions


We have experienced writers capable of providing expert-level responses across virtually any industry vertical. From niche B2B services to consumer product markets, our team can effectively position your brand as a credible authority.

Our proprietary monitoring system continually scans for newly issued HARO queries matching your targeted keywords and topics. We also have researchers analyze context to qualify fit.

Absolutely. We encourage clients to share notes, sources, data or messaging they'd like worked into pitches. This ensures responses accurately reflect your unique expertise and perspectives.

Very little! Our service runs end-to-end hands-off. We handle query monitoring, writing, submission, and reporting. Occasional input is welcomed but not required.

Yes, our team tracks pitches and will re-engage with interested journalists to provide any supplemental information or coordination needed to secure final placement and link.

While we pursue the highest quality links possible, we typically filter out sources with DR < 30 as these offer limited SEO value. The average DR of links provided exceeds 50.

Yes, we offer white-label solutions for agencies wanting to provide HARO link-building under their own brand and control the client experience.

You'll receive a monthly report detailing the HARO linking placements secured, anchor text distribution, source metrics, and exact live URLs.

Simply contact us with some background about your target site/niche, and we'll get you started with a strategy briefing session.