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Scoring backlinks is super important for websites trying to rank higher and grow traffic. However, getting quality links can be tricky and time-consuming. That’s why tapping free backlink sources rocks – you can score legit links without crazy effort or paying anything. This guide shares top spots yielding free backlinks through guest posts, profiles, resource links, and more.

Together, we’ll explore how platforms like EzineArticles, Tumblr, Reddit, and others offer link opportunities while outlining some tips for keeping things ethical. Whether you submit guest columns, engage forum communities, or publish content across networks, links integrated mindfully over time can work wonders. Managing expectations and tracking top sources brings sustainable success.

1. Article Directories

Article directories allow backlinks through author profiles, in articles, and via resource boxes. With domains ranking anywhere from 45-60 DA, they drive large volumes of monthly visitors, making them useful backlink sources.

EzineArticles (DR- 88)

EzineArticles offers contributors several options to build quality backlinks. Authors can create profile pages with sections for a bio, social media profile links, published article lists, and contact info. Strategic links inserted in bios drive visitors back to the writer’s website. Social links also provide a bridge for readers to visit those profiles and click through to the website via indirect backlinks. Published articles allow writers to incorporate direct links pointing users to products, writing samples, or other relevant website content. At the end of each article, EzineArticles features “resource boxes” where writers can add 1-2 lines serving as a call to action along with associated backlinks. With a domain authority of 78 and over 60 million monthly readers, this combination of profile links, social links, article links, and resource box links makes EzineArticles a versatile backlink-building platform.

ArticlesBase (DR 76)

Similarly, ArticlesBase enables article writers to create profile pages with space for a bio, link lists, contributor info, and contact forms. Backlinks can be strategically inserted in the bio section, list of contributors, within published articles, directing readers to pertinent content, and through author resource links at the conclusion of pieces. With over 1 million indexed pages and 3 million monthly visitors, ArticlesBase offers worthwhile linking opportunities.

ArticleCity (DR 68)

ArticleCity enables contributors to include brief author bios with website references as well as links within suggested articles showcasing topical expertise and past publishing history. Their affordable paid distribution addons also assist wider content propagation which can yield expanded referral traffic and subsequent indirect linking.

List of Article Directories Websites for Getting Free Backlinks

WebsiteDomain Authority (DA)

2. Web 2

Guest posting on niche Web 2 platforms allows value-driven backlinks with sites ranging from 35 to 99 in domain authority. Cost-effective for testing link-building at scale.

Tumblr (DR 94)

With over 475 million blogs spanning endless topics, Tumblr makes it easy to connect with site owners for guest posting opportunities. In addition to inserting backlinks within contributed posts, the platform makes it easy to re-share content through social networking and Tumblogging features, enabling even greater referral traffic and indirect links. As an established authority still growing its user base, Tumblr enables do-follow links for clean backlink equity.

Medium (DR 94)

With a domain authority of 94 and over 30 million monthly visitors, Medium offers backlink potential at scale. Writers can contribute guest columns within existing Partner Publications or leverage promotional opportunities across the platform. Prominent author profile pages support brief bios along with multiple call-to-action links for driving visitors.

WordPress (DR 93)

The extensive WordPress ecosystem spanning over 60 million sites provides seemingly endless guest posting possibilities. By targeting niche sites receiving at least 500 visits per month as link placement prospects, you can insert 1-2 contextual backlinks within posts. Further amplified distribution across their built-in syndication network presents link building at scale.

Blogger (DR 95)

Given Blogger’s accessibility and Google infrastructure, identifying relevant blogs for that industry and pitching thoughtful contributions containing non-promotional but strategic links can earn referrals. Backlinks would need to come from within the article text rather than author bios, however.

List of Web 2 Websites for Getting Free Backlinks

WebsiteDomain Authority (DA)

3. Social Media

Social platforms contain communities allowing contextual link insertion when framed as expertise rather than directly promotional. Platform power users can request do-follow links that pass equity.

Facebook (DR 100)

As the leading social media platform with over 2.8 billion active monthly users, Facebook enables multiple backlink-building opportunities. By creating Groups and Pages focused on specific interests and niches, community members often share links freely through posts and commentary threads. Engaging Groups related to your industry in an educational, non-promotional manner can earn do-follow links. Fostering robust engagement across a business Page also provides touchpoints for referencing site content.

Pinterest (DR 97)

Pinterest offers indirect backlink potential given its growing audience of over 450 million active users. By creating aesthetically-focused Pins incorporating links to websites or conversion-driving content, creators benefit from increased referral traffic. While Pinterest no longer passes link equity from Pins, they drive volumes of visits to websites. Brand building through visual content and integration of optimized landing pages helps earn the trust that may garner links over time.

Instagram (DR 99)

With a billion monthly actives filtering vastly visual feeds, Instagram lends itself to branded content expansion over direct linking. However, business profile link-in-bios along with Stories and link stickers in content expand referral traffic touch points. Strategic user targeting and consistent cross-channel promotion expand discovery.

X/Twitter (DR 99)

While largely a short-form commentary community, Twitter’s influence on users and trend algorithm affords immense viral visibility bites. Yet with a growing base now topping 300 million, integration within discussions serves more users. Select trend ride opportunities contextually provide link hits too but sustain account rapport foremost.

List of Social Media Where You Can Get Backlinks from Free

WebsiteDomain Authority

4. Forums and Q&A Sites

Forums and community Q&A sites often focus on niche topics where providing helpful expertise can present link integration opportunities contextually. Across platforms with domain authorities ranging from 15 to 80, participating constructively can yield links over time.

Quora (DR 91)

Quora continues expanding its broad viewer base of over 300 million monthly visitors thanks to the in-depth questions and answers contributed. The platform surveys professionals in numerous industries in addition to general interest content, making it possible to organically insert links within detailed responses. Providing thoughtful public replies that cite statistics, case studies, and other useful resources allows subtly directing users to your site when the context permits.

Reddit (DR 95)

With over 100 thousand active subreddits spanning countless niche interests, Reddit presents contextual linking opportunities within comments. When providing expertise helpful to a discussion topic, adding supporting references or examples from your site builds awareness organically without blatant self-promotion. Choose communities aligning closely to your content and engage consistently before dropping any links. With varying domain authorities but immense exposure potential thanks to 330 million monthly users, when links get integrated appropriately after the value is contributed they can yield gradual results over time.

List of Forums Where You Can Get Backlinks from Free

WebsiteDomain Authority
XDA Developers92
Ultimate Guitar90
Digital Ocean89

5. Business Listings

Properly registering key business profiles leads to systematic backlinks via online directories as well as important discovery mechanisms. Optimizing listings also strengthens search visibility.

Yelp (DR 95)

Given 72 million unique monthly visitors focused on local searches, a properly completed Yelp profile including photos, detailed business information, and engagement with reviews provides immense indirect traffic. Yelp links out to official business websites which passes relevance signals even without direct link equity.

Google My Business

Similar to Yelp, a fully updated Google My Business Profile carries high weight in local pack search rankings. This centralizes key listing details that Google further syndicates across Search and Maps properties. With unlimited traffic potential via Google, links inherently get passed as part of prominently displayed business information.

Bing Places (DR 82)

As the lesser-utilized counterpart to Google My Business, Bing Places allows registering business listings that then appear in Bing local results and Maps listings. Given Microsoft’s ownership of Bing, syncing details with Azure platform profiles conveys extra authority. While Bing garners significantly lower relative traffic versus Google, covering your bases by populating listings can contribute incremental value through backlinks and extended reach.

List of Business Listing Sites for Getting Free Backlink/Inbound Link

Business Listing SiteDomain Authority (DA)
Google Business100
Angie’s List85
Merchant Circle73

Things Need to Check While Finding High-Quality Free Backlink Sites

Not all backlinks carry the same weight in influencing search rankings and reputation. When evaluating free backlink sources, assessing their relevance, authority, and reliability helps determine overall quality.


The relevance of a website giving your site a backlink matters greatly in valuing that link. Ideally, free backlinks should come from industry-related pages with topically similar content to yours. For example, links from niche blog posts are usually more meaningful than generic directory links.

Domain Authority/Ranking (DA/DR)

The authority (DA) and rank (DR) scores indicate how influential a site is in search rankings and the overall power of its backlinks. DA ranges from 1-100 with higher being better. For quality backlinks, aim for sites with DA 50+ in relevant content areas.

Activity and Reputation

In addition to raw metrics, assessing the reputation of a site requires investigating deeper. Scan for signs of active development, positive third-party reviews, strong social media presence, and upkeep of current content. User-generated content like guest posts on reputable blogs in your space can build great links.

How to Get Backlinks from Free Backlink Websites

Now that you know some of the best places to score free backlinks, here are some tips to make sure your efforts pay off:

Summing Up

While link building takes consistency and patience, hopefully, this article gives some solid starting points! Feel free to drop any questions below on favorite backlink platforms or best practices. Now get out there are start making strategic connections! Developing authentic relationships through thoughtful contributions pays future dividends driving that sweet backlink juice.